May 20th, 2014

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Одесская Хатынь. Предисловие. (Odessa Hatyn. Foreword.)

Оригинал взят у ivakin_alexey в Одесская Хатынь. Предисловие.
Все, что я буду писать – я буду опираться не только на свои личные впечатления, но и на крохи официальной, не всегда точной информации, а также на опросы свидетелей и потерпевших во время событий 2 мая.
Писать буду максимально сухо, не увлекаясь конспирологией.
То есть, я не буду размышлять на тему – кто заказчик, кто исполнитель. Этим пусть потом Нюрнбергский трибунал занимается. Ну или Полтавский. Тем более, перед нами не случайная хаотическая стычка, не стихия. Перед нами – тщательно подготовленная карательная операция, в которой участвовали несколько тысяч человек. Это уровень заказчиков, это уровень организаторов, это уровень исполнителей первого слоя (каратели), это уровень исполнителей второго слоя (боевики), это уровень исполнителей третьего слоя (мясо). И все эти слои знали свою задачу в рамках своей компетенции.
«Мясо» вообще ничего не знало. Оно лишь для картинки, убьют и ладно. Девочкам из секс-сотни велели быть в определенном месте на Дерибасовской – они и делали там коктейль. Девочкам не сказали, что этим будут сжигать людей. Девочки тупо исполняли приказ.
Но, как мы знаем, исполнение заведомо преступного приказа не является смягчающей мерой, и даже наоборот – отягчающей.
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Продолжение следует.


All that I write - I will rely not only on their personal experiences , but also on the official crumbs are not always accurate information , as well as interviews of witnesses and victims during the events of May 2.
Will write the most dry, not carried away by conspiracy theorists .

[Spoiler (click to open)]That is , I will not speculate on the topic - who is the customer who performer. This then let the Nuremberg Tribunal is engaged . Or Poltava . Especially before us is not random chaotic hassle , not an element . Before us - carefully prepared punitive operation , which was attended by several thousand people. This level of customers , is the level of the organizers, this is the level performers of the first layer ( punishers ) is the level of implementing the second layer (the militants ), this level of performers of the third layer (meat ) . And all these layers knew their task within its competence .
"Meat" did not know anything . It is only for the pictures, kill , okay. Girls from sex be told hundreds at a specific location on Deribasovskoy - they were doing there and shake. Girls were not told that these people will burn . Girls stupidly following orders .
But , as we know , the performance is certainly not a criminal order mitigation measure , and even the opposite - aggravating.
" Ultras " intended to be beaten out of habit , clear teeth , get on the head , rolled up in injury. This is their way of life. For them, this is normal. Within the framework and limits. Unless, of course , the fight can be reasonable. And then jump under "Ukraine for over a mustache » - «Deutschland uber alles».
"Militants " were ready to shoot to kill . And even burn tents on the Kulikovo Field .
By the way, is not correct to say Kulikovo field , and the field of Kulikovo . But it is.
Gunmen shot and - I'll prove it . Militants and burned tents, militants and threw bottles at House of Trade Unions . They dragged it to windows and tires burned them . But they did not expect - that there will be inside ...
To this were ready to " punishers ." But they are a different story .
However, everything is tainted .
And the police and the Security Service , and the deputies of the regional council and Goncharenko Yusov and mayoral candidate Horowitz , and Governor Nemirovsky , and Kiev Vlad. Each had its own role. And everyone played it as I could. For many of them the result was shocking.
Who knew that people would veer chloroform , pour acid dostrelivat survivors, kill and jumped out ... And there is human flesh . In real sense of the word .
I do not think it is assumed even customers with the organizers . Artists disappoint. Nonhumans - punishers fool Goncharenko , merged their videos online . However, and without enough idiots .
Indicative punitive action has evolved into the evidence base crimes against humanity.
All the legend that is " Colorado burned themselves alive " - collapsed in a few hours .
And no " Kolomoysky " no longer be washed , because all the evidence has long ferried to the front line .

To be continued .

Лень было ночью сидеть переводить (через транслейтер пропустила). Но, во всяком случае, привлечь внимание не помешает.
Пусть весь мир у Ивакина Алексея читает, переводит.
И содрогнётся.